A West conservatory (glass roof) / Sun Room (solid roof) is a great solution to increase the footprint of your home, create extra living space that enhances your quality of life, and increase the value of your property. It is a special place to bring the outside environment in, for you to enjoy the beauty of your garden all year round whatever the weather. Chosen with careful consideration and our professional guidance it will enhance and compliment your property.

A West Conservatory/Sun Room can be your place apart, a peaceful tranquil place to relax or a room for entertaining or a dining experience of “eating out – inside”.

Styles vary such as the ‘Lean To’ that uses available space for a straight forward and functional finish. The ‘ Victorian ‘ with its elegance lends itself to both older and more recent properties. The ‘Edwardian’ with its distinctive hipped roof and classic square lines maximizes internal floor space as does the traditional ‘A-Shape’ design.

There are basic principles to bear in mind when planning a Conservatory/Sun Room and we are here to help and advise you on all aspects of it.